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The Education Annex


Weekend Cohort Sessions - Saturday, Sunday

Schedule TBD

MICRO PODS" Home School Collaborative-All ages, All grades


Parent's please email  or call  228-54723-66


ACADEMIC COACH/ CONCIERGE Program - Middle and High School

Is your child not completing his or her assignments?  Are you having difficulty finding the time to help, call the teacher, or check behind your struggling learner? Failing grades due to incomplete work?

Let us help! Our academic coaches will do this for you. They will collaborate weekly with your child, your child's teacher, or school counselor and get your child back on track.



In a word: yes!

Tutors will teach the same thing over and over, using repetition to enforce learning.

An Educational Therapist will recognize that many children struggle with a variety of learning issues and need various modes of instruction to be successful. Our instructors can quickly impact those learning issues with differentiated instruction to help our students to catch up, close gaps in learning and/or to advance skills.



Early Intervention Instruction (ages 3 and 4), English Language Arts (ELA), Reading, Dyslexia, Math Dyscalculia, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, General Math, ACT Prep, Algebra, Writing, Speech Language, Foreign Language (Spanish) , Gifted Education and 

Homework Assistance & Guidance, ART, VOICE, and PIANO.

1 on 1/Small Group

Individual Educational Suites

After Hours and Weekends

Parent Education and support groups.

Assessments, Evaluations, & Intervention Strategies Coaching and Design

Licensed Educators, Educators in Training (Teachers in Training), and Consultants

Anchor School/Program Collaboration

Currently Serving Students from : Holy Trinity, St. Patrick Catholic School, Coast Episcopal Schools, St. Vincent, Pass Christian Schools, Gulfport School District, Bay Waveland Schools, Harrison County Schools, Hancock County Schools, Ocean Springs Schools, Long Beach School District, Pearl River County Schools, New Orleans Public Schools, Virginia Public Schools, Pearl River Jr. College, Jones Jr. College, Southern MS, Ole Miss, William Carey and  Mississippi State.

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Annex Academy

"Moving Beyond the Page"

I truly believe, with guidance, all children have the capability of setting individual academic goals, to be authentically and actively engaged, and to be charge of their learning.  What better physical and mental exercise is there for creating independent learners primed for changing the world”.  
Dr. Rymsky Labat

Alexa Young, CA

What are Micro Pods or Micro Schooling?  It is defined as a “mid-point” between traditional schooling and homeschooling. Micro-Pods may be the perfect choice for some families who chose to access education for their children in a more non-traditional way. Micro Pods, sometimes also referred as “learning pods”, is basically the reimagining of the one-room schoolhouse, where class sizes are usually fewer than 15 students of varying ages, and the schedule and curriculum is tailored to fit the needs of each student and each class and if or when a family chooses to return to a more traditional education setting in the future, your child will be ready!


The Annex Academy will provide a unique educational experience for our students that meets their individual needs. Our Micro Pods or Micro Schooling program is designed to give children the opportunity to learn in a small setting, with the support of a dedicated teacher and peers. We believe this approach offers the perfect balance between traditional schooling and homeschooling.


The Annex Academy- Micro Pod program is designed to complement a student's existing homeschool instruction and give them the additional boost they need to succeed. Our experienced teachers offer academic instruction in a variety of subjects, as well as guidance on organizational skills and study habits. Our goal is to make sure that every student is able to reach their full potential.

Welcome New Annex Team Members!

The Education Annex
Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support and nurture a students' natural desire to be a life-long learner. We are also committed to the families we serve, providing needed support, encouragement, and guidance for struggling learners. 


The Education Annex can provide supplemental instruction in all areas of curriculum including Reading, Math, Writing & Science

Remedial instruction, enrichment, learning and study strategies.

One-on-one and small group instruction in individual educational suites.

Long and short term in person or virtual instruction available.

Learn to Read

Our Commitment To Students

To foster a students' love for learning.

To encourage students to try new and exciting things, even if they are difficult.

To accept, embrace, and model a variety of learning styles and learning strategies. 

To create a space where students feel encouraged. 

To create a space where students build confidence and resilience. 

To create an enthusiastic, creative learning space to foster positive intellectual, social, behavioral, and emotional development.

Story Time

Our Commitment
Parents and the Community

To be an extension of excellence and support for local academic programs.

To support parents who struggle to understand evolving and ever more complicated academic concepts.

To support parents who struggle to help their children with their academics after a long workday.

To supporting the local community and/or providers with supports for families who are faced with the new realization that their child may have a developmental or  specific learning disability that may require intervention or support.

Our Mission

As COVID-19 and changes in the accessibility of traditional education, nationwide students have demonstrated increased anxiety towards learning, decreased academic progress, and increased academic struggles.

At The Education Annex, we are committed to working with local school districts, teachers, and families to "build the bridge and bridge the gap" in learning. 

​As licensed general and special education educators, we are skilled at our craft.  We provide additional day, afternoon, evening, and weekend supports, guidance, and instruction. We can help build up academic strengths and remediate academic weaknesses.  

​At The Education Annex, we have the ability to explain abstract concepts in an engaging, interesting, and  thought-provoking manner that can support struggling learners. 

In the Classroom

Dr.  Rymsky Labat


Psychometrist/Educational Diagnostician

Ann Madden photo of Labat.jpg

Dr. Rymsky Graves-Labat is a resident of Bay Saint Louis. She is married to Brian Labat a graduate of St. Stanislaus. Together they have 2 beautiful children. Sydney Labat, M.D. (2022 Grad-Tulane Medical School)- daughter, was a previous student of Bay Catholic (now Holy Trinity) elementary school and is a Merit Graduate of Pass Christian School District. She attended Xavier University and Tulane Medical School. Steven, her son, attended Pass Christian Schools and is now Respiratory Therapist (2022 Grad-MGCCC). Both children received academic scholarships to pursue their education. One child is Dyslexic and one child is ADHD, Inattentive Type. Guess which?

Dr. Labat received her Bachelors (1989) and Masters in Psychology (1990) with an emphasis in Psychometrics (Academics and Psychological Assessments) from William Carey University. She then completed her Specialist (2017) and Doctorate in Education Leadership and Instruction (2019) also from William Carey University.  Dr. Labat currently is a recent graduate of the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) pursuing National Board Certification in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis. Dr. Labat is certified in the following areas by the Mississippi Department of Education:  Administration, Educational and Instructional Leadership, Psychology, Special Education (Mild-Mod), Hearing Disabilities, Emotional-Disabilities, and Psychometrics.

Dr. Labat has been a full time and/or part-time private instructor, interventionist, consultant, and advocate for schools and families for over 30 years.  Areas of expertise: Mental health, psychology, behavior, special education, developmental delays, interventions, evaluations, and instruction at the PreK-12, Junior, and Senior College Level. 

“I have observed the tireless work of our local teachers and parents through this pandemic. I observed the great need for building a bridge of support for those students and families who need more help outside the traditional classroom and/or the “virtual” classroom. 

The Education Annex by Milestones, LLC, is committed to bridging the gap and supporting those students who need more academic and behavioral support to succeed.  We are committed to be that extension of excellence for local academic programs. We are committed to supporting parents who struggle to understand the ever evolving educational concepts and who struggle to help their children after a long workday. We are committed to supporting all student desire to succeed but need extra attention to be successful.  We are also committed to supporting local community and medical providers with supports for families who are now learning that their child may have a developmental, academic or medical disabilities that may impact them in the classroom.


Bachelors of Science- Counseling Psychology

Masters of Science- Counseling ; Psychometry- Psychology

Masters of Education-Applied Behavior Analysis

Specialist of Education-Education, Leadership & Instruction

Doctorate of Education-Education, Leadership & Instruction


171 Psychology - (7-12)

206 Emotional Disabilities (K-12)

208 Hearing Disabilities (K-12)

213 Psychometry (K-12)

221 Mild/Moderate Disabilities (K-12)

486 Administration and Leadership (K-12)

 2023 Graduate-Ole Miss-Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) Licensure Pending

“Building the Bridge and Bridging the Gap”


Tess Richardson
Early Childhood Interventionist
Family Sciences/Disabilities Educator
Ages- 0-4
Now Taking New Referrals


Ms. Richardson works with children and families providing tools needed to overcome developmental delays from  birth to five years old using play therapy and group therapy incorporating multiple methods, including but not limited to, the Montessori method.  Sessions will consist of child-lead hands-on learning and collaborative play. Parents will be educated on how to play with their children naturally to promote development and opportunities for children to thrive.


Bachelor and Masters- Child and Family Sciences
Mild/Mod Disabilities (K-12)
Special Education (K-12)

Leana Tran Bennett, B.S.
Elementary- High School
No Appointments Available- Wait List


Mrs. Bennett is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi. She obtained a Bachelor's of Science degree in Applied Computer Science. She is very interested in helping students learn math beyond test-taking, though she likes taking math tests!

She hopes to instill the same confidence and competence with math in each of her students. Whether it is doing homework, studying for exams, or learning stronger studying skills, Mrs. Bennett is ready to lend a hand, especially in the areas of high school math.

Bachelor's of Science - Applied Computer Science (B.S.)
Certified - Mathematics - 7th-12th
Masters in Teaching - In Process - University of Southern Miss

Get in touch to find out more about this engaging Educator.

L. Tran bio pic.jpg
Dacia Wright 3.jpg

Dacia Wright
Mathematics, Math Applications, Measurements, Pattern Recognition, Accurate Math Constructions
Upper Elementary - Middle School 
No Sessions Available- Wait List


Ms. Wright will meet and motivate students to discuss and go over their math coursework. She is committed to offering encouragement and support to keep students motivated and ready to learn. She is skilled at assisting with homework assignments and teaching students how to perform the calculations needed to complete their assignments. Ms. Wright will teach Math Applications, Measurements, Pattern Recognition, Accurate Constructions
through the Art of Math. In addition to teaching of various mathematical concepts, processes, and computations she will share individual student progress with parents, students, and their anchor school.  Ms. Wright is a graduate of the prestigious Mississippi School for Math and Science!


Bachelor's of Science - Education
Certified- Mathematics - 7th-12th
Masters in Mathematics- In process

Bridgett Williams

Bridgett Williams, B.S.
Elementary- High School
Math, Foreign Language (Spanish) 
Academic Coach- Math
College Scholarship Consultant
 and Developer
Wait List-No Sessions Avail


Raised in Bay St. Louis, Bridgett Williams, currently serves in the Customer Service industry. She graduated in three years, cum laude, from the University of Mississippi with a bachelors in economics and minor in Spanish. In school, she spent 6 months studying cultural identity and home values in Costa Rica & Argentina.

Bridgett grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and educators and feels called to follow in those footsteps.

In addition, Bridgett is also a classically trained pianist and published recording artist who has studied under renowned pianist Ian Hominick. She is currently exploring her interest in psychotherapy and education.


 Bachelors of Science- Economics Major, Spanish Minor

University of Mississippi- Ole Miss

Pass Christian High School-Honors


Lora Toney, M. Ed.
English Language Arts (ELA)
Reading-Dyslexia, Math Interventionist
Elementary- Middle School
No Sessions Available 


Mrs. Lora Toney is a two-time graduate of William Carey University. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education and a Master's in Elementary Education. Since 2011, Mrs. Toney has been an elementary reading and mathematics interventionist, taught Kindergarten through second grade, and has taught high school Psychology/Sociology, World History, and General Music. She is trained in Orton-Gillingham reading strategies through both Brainspring and IMSE and is pursuing a Level III Dyslexia Specialist certification. Lora has a husband and two children and comes to us from the Laurel-Hattiesburg area. She enjoys playing the piano and watching aerospace launches.


Specialist in Teacher Leadership (Ed.S.)

Master's degree in Education (M.S.)

Bachelor's (B.S) of Music Education


Elementary Ed. K-8

Music Ed. K-12

Vocal Music  K-12

Biology 7-12

Social Studies 7-12

Bailee Brewer
Academic Coach
Grades 6-8th
ELA, Reading, & Math
No Sessions Available-Wait List

Bailey Brewer (2).jpg


Ms. Bailee Brewer is a resident of Waveland with her high school sweetheart of 11 years, Brennan. Ms. Brewer is currently working on her Specialist Degree in Emotional Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders at William Carey University. She is a graduate of William Carey University where she obtained a Master’s in Education and a graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi where she obtained a Bachelor’s in Psychology and minor in Spanish. Her current position is as an Emotional Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders Teacher at Hancock Middle School. At HMS, Ms. Brewer is a sponsor for the HATCH (Helping Animals Through Caring Hands) club as well. In the past, Ms. Brewer worked with at-risk adolescents in a residential boot camp facility and participated in performing dialectical behavior training with the adolescents as an undergrad at USM. While at USM, Ms. Brewer gained knowledge in research and published her Honors College Thesis on at-risk adolescents and won awards for her research in adolescent behavioral sciences. She worked as a mental health clinician at Pine Belt before pursuing a career in teaching.

Ms. Brewer possesses knowledge and skills to coach students who need academic support in reading, language arts, and mathematics at the middle school level (6th-8th grade). She loves helping students learn!


Bachelor's of Arts (B.A.) - Psychology; Minor-Spanish

Masters of Education (M.S.)

Specialist of Education (Sp.Ed.) 

Emotional Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders


Special Education

Psychology (7-12)

Emotional Disability (K-12)

Mild/Moderate Disabilities (K-12)


Veronica Galvin
English Language Arts
 K-4 Math, & Science
Wait List -No New
No Sessions Available-Wait List 

Mrs. Galvin graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi. She obtained her Bachelor's of Science degree in Elementary Education. "I love everything science and reading, and finding new ways to teach them. I am interested in helping my students find different ways to understand and learn the different aspects of science and reading. I really hope to help my students not only understand the subjects more but also to feel more confident in them. I am ready to assist students in any way I can, whether it is learning different kinds of study skills or simply just helping them with homework. I look forward to working with students and helping them find their confidence".


Bachelor's of Science degree in Elementary Education

S. Boos.jpg

Susannah Boos
Dyslexia Interventionist
Children and Adults
No Appointments Available

Having a child diagnosed or even if you as the parent suspect dyslexia--this can be a traumatic experience. While dyslexia can make reading more difficult, with the right instruction, almost all individuals with dyslexia can learn to read. Many people with dyslexia have gone on to accomplish great things. Among the many dyslexia success stories are Thomas Edison, Stephen Spielberg, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Charles Schwab.

Dyslexia is a neurological condition caused by a different wiring of the brain.  Research indicates that dyslexia has no relationship to intelligence. Individuals with dyslexia are neither more nor less intelligent than the general population. But some say the way individuals with dyslexia think can actually be an asset in achieving success.

In some school settings where many teachers are not knowledgeable about this condition, students with dyslexia may be considered lazy. Parents who have children diagnosed with dyslexia should seek out reading instruction that is based upon a systematic and explicit understanding of language structure, including phonics. This reading instruction goes by many names, Structured Literacy, Orton- Gillingham, Simultaneous, Multisensory, Explicit Phonics, and others.  


Susannah has a passion for both educating the community about dyslexia and working with individuals of all ages who struggle with dyslexia.  She has experience working with teens, elementary-age children, and adults personally and professionally. 

Come hear her story!

Her Bachelor's in Applied Linguistics allows her a unique foundation and understanding of language allowing her to pass this knowledge on with the explicit and in-depth language instruction dyslexic individuals so often require.  As a 2021-22 graduating Dyslexia Therapist in training, with Mississippi College, she leads children through a highly regarded and praised Orton and Gillingham-based program with decades of research and success.  She has also instructed students using Foundation in Sounds and the Barton Reading and Spelling Program. 

Dyslexia Consult and Screener

Parent Support Groups

School Collaboration

Mrs. Mallary Hicks

Speech Therapist 

Dyslexia Intervention

No New Sessions Available-Wait List


Mrs. Mallary Hicks is a graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi and holds a Bachelors Degree in Communication Science and Disorders. She is currently a student at Mississippi College pursing her Masters Degree in Dyslexia Therapy. She has been a language-speech therapist for the public school district for 6 years and has done after-school dyslexia therapy for 3 years. She is looking to further her education in special education and psychometry in the near future. Mallary and her husband Shane reside in Bay St. Louis, MS with their fur baby, Loddi Quinn. They enjoy water sports, boating, and fishing and during their spare time. 




Communication Science Disorders (B.S) 


Language/Speech Therapist 216

Dyslexia Therapist in Training

Mallory Boykin Hicks.jpg

Shannon Gregory, M.S. & M.Ed.
Dyslexia Therapist
Elementary - Middle School
Only 3 Openings Available- FALL 23



Ms. Shannon L. Gregory is a resident of Long Beach, Mississippi and is an employee of Harrison County School District.  She has more than twenty years experience working with children who demonstrate various learning differences.  She currently works with special education students as a Reading Interventionist. 

Ms. Gregory received her Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Southern Mississippi and later went on to receive her first Master of Science degree in Instructional Technology in 2006.  After working in special education for several years and raising a child diagnosed with dyslexia, she decided to pursue a second master’s degree.  In 2016, she received a Master of Education degree in Dyslexia Therapy from Mississippi College.   

Being personally affected by the struggles associated with dyslexia, Ms. Gregory made it her mission to alleviate the anxiety struggling readers experience by equipping them with the tools necessary to be successful readers.  She provides Orton-Gillingham based instruction that encompasses the following areas:  Phonological Awareness, Alphabet, Reading, Spelling, Handwriting, and Verbal Expression. 


Bachelor of Science – Radio, Television, & Film 

Master of Science – Instructional Technology 

Master of Education – Dyslexia Therapy 


Dyslexia (K-12) 

Mild/Moderate Disabilities (K-12) 

English (7-12) 

Computer Application (K-12) 

Technology Education (7-12) 

Journalism (7-12)


J.T. Anglin
Art, Voice, and/or Piano

Now Enrolling Students - Limited Spots

Welcome JT Anglin to the Education Annex!

Mr. Anglin is a native of Pascagoula, Mississippi. He is an art, voice, and music teacher known throughout Mississippi and the world. He is the organist/choirmaster of St. Peter’s by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in Gulfport for over 20 years. In the summer of 2009, Anglin completed his Master’s Degree in Secondary Music Education with an emphasis in Vocal Pedagogy from William Carey University and attended Yale University’s Institute of Sacred Music. He has studied voice and opera with such noted coaches as: Dr. Gene Winters, WCU; Dr. Clifford Rheims of the Chicago Lyric Opera, USA; Mr. Anglin attended the American Institute of Musical Studies, (AIMS) in Graz, Austria where he studied to become a master Tenor.

The Education Annex and Mr. Anglin will be enrolling 10 additional students, starting in October 1, in the areas of 

art, voice, and piano at his local studio.

Match Day Sydney IMG_6832_edited.jpg

Sydney Labat, M.D.
Biology and Anatomy 
Collegial Consultant
Med School Consultant
By Appt Only

Dr. Sydney continues her love for medicine by giving back to local and national minority youth by tutoring and mentoring in

the areas of Biology, Anatomy and Medicine.  She also continues her personal appearances at local schools, colleges, and media outlets, nationwide and globally. Her mission continues to create more diversity in medicine though her philanthropical efforts through the internationally recognized organization she cofounded, The 15 White Coats.



Dr. Sydney Labat is a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana. She is also a graduate of Tulane University Medical School.  In her spare time she enjoys speaking and tutoring to youth, playing tennis, and swimming. 



Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry (B.S.)

Doctorate of Medicine


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736 Hwy 90, Suite C, Bay Saint Louis, MS 39520
Day Phone: 972-776-6414
Evenings/Weekends Phone: 228-547-2366